Our History


Plum Springs Baptist Church ~ Organized 1898

In 1898, Rev. C. W. Freeman began a series of meetings in a tent set up in a grove of woods in the Plum Springs Community. Fourteen souls were saved as a result of this meeting.  They were baptized and banded together to organize the Plum Springs Baptist Church. 

​​The ground for the original church was given by Mr.  & Mrs. Charles Hendrick.  Logs for the building were cut from the woods along the Barren River and hauled by wagon to the location by men of the community.  The early church records were destroyed by fire when the church clerk’s house burned, so we are uncertain as to the exact date that Plum Springs Baptist joined the association (1898) or began work on their house of worship.  However, the association minutes show that in 1900 the Warren Association of Baptists made up an appropriation of $100 to enable Plum Springs to complete its church building.

​In 1906, Plum Springs had so advanced that a mid-week prayer service was held every week during the year, and Sunday School was held for nine months of the year.  In 1925, the church had grown in the work of our Lord to such an extent that it went to half-time preaching services. In 1950, the church went to full time preaching services and erected a new house of worship. In 1956, the church installed a new floor and pews.  Other additions to the church were in 1964 as new Sunday School rooms were added. In 1969 more Sunday School rooms and a basement were added. The latter were dedicated in October of 1971 with attendance of 253.  ​In 1973, a new auditorium was begun with a basement for fellowship and Sunday School.

​The church purchased 68 acres of property on Plum Springs Road in the 1990’s.  Construction began on a new multi- purpose building in July 2000.  The large fellowship hall was to be used to house the worship services.  The church moved to its new location at 2080 Plum Springs Road in July 2001, and the first service was held on July 8, 2001. 

This information was taken from the Warren Association of Baptist history of the churches. This information was compiled by Morton Stahl. We thank Bro. Stahl for his hard work and dedication to providing a history of the churches in the Warren Association.

In September of 2012, the new sanctuary was completed.   The first service in the new sanctuary was PSBC Homecoming and the building dedication held on Sept. 30th with 449 in attendance.  We give God all the glory!  We pray that we will use this place to reach people for Christ and meet the needs of our community.